A New You

A New You

A New You

It's a Brand New Year, Time for a New You


It's so cliche the idea of resolutions anymore.  Its talked about, promoted and basically thrown in your face you must make resolutions and in turn, the bet is how quickly you will break the resolutions you have made.  To start a New Year off with the idea that you aren't going to keep the resolutions is crazy.  So we'd like to suggest, considering, making plans for a new you which is more about lifestyle choices, mindset, or frame of mind.  There are many more angles that can be taken when considering the idea of a new you.


This can be as simple as thinking about what outcomes you want for yourself this year.  You might want to get more fit, get into a new outfit, take more vacations, do more charity work, start a hobby, choose to do something you love, or even to create a new you.  I'm sure you are wondering what this might have to do with swimsuits or beaches or what we promote.  Well in fact, we are always encouraging individuals to be bold and make choices that suit them.  We're about living a lifestyle that you can enjoy, be proud of, be fulfilling, or where you can even make a difference.


Charmosa Swimwear was built on the desire to create beautiful swimsuits that adorn a woman's body to help her feel good about herself and to know and feel confident in how she looks.  We design our suits to be unique, comfortable, quality, and to fit and have versatility.  The handmade macrame, crochet, painted fabrics and the combination of these along with the styles of bikinis, monokinis, tankinis, and more give so many looks that there is something for everyone.


We get the most enjoyment when our customers send us photos and their stories of how the suits made them feel and look. One of our favorites recently were from photos sent to us showing them actually swimming in the ocean.  The colors were so vibrant and you felt like you were right there with her.  


Check out our Instagram Account @charmosaswimwear - https://www.instagram.com/p/-XoiJKkNnK/?taken-by=charmosaswimwear to see the video.



Why these shares from our customer matter is because we realize sometimes looking and feeling good actually empowers you to do more.  And in essence you can become a new you.  We hope that you take a few moments to browse our shop, visit our Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter to catch what we have to offer.  Our boutiques, especially our main one in Los Gatos, CA, have so many selections, if you are in the area you absolutely must stop in and take a look.


Please share your photos with us of any suits you purchase and when you wear them, we'd love to share them with the world and our following to showcase the new you.


Enjoy the rest of January and here's to a new you!!